Chickens for the Orchard (Part 2)

Part 3:    8-13 Weeks of Age (As Adventurers)
Part 2:  4-8 Weeks of Age (As Kids)
Part 1:    0-4 Weeks of Age (As Chicks)             

 This is where we ended in the first blog post of 3 weeks ago.  We had just moved the 4-week old chicks to the orchard to begin the process of weaning them from ‘chick’ feed and encouraging them to eat the grass, weeds, and bugs in the orchard for daily sustenance.  
 From the moment the chickens hit the grass, they were eating everything they could peck at and swallow. They seemed to visibly grow almost daily even though the amount of feed we were giving them did not increased since we brought them to the orchard.  Each day they are getting more and more of their food and nutrition from the orchard floor.  We’ve even seen them catch flying insects.
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