Picture Summary of UWRF PDC Course

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Pictures and Text by Bill Wilson and Milton Dixon

Thank you to our hosts Dr. Kelly Cain and Cynthia Wells-O’Mally of the University of Wisconsin, for hosting us for a second year.  The bulk of the training was held on campus.  Although we had some university students, most of the people taking this training came from the general public and from 5 different states.   We had a fantastic time.

PDC Course Graduates – University of Wisconsin, River Falls – June 2012


Panoramic View of Dr. Cain’s Permaculture Oriented Residence


Students in the classroom on the first day.


We  always take the class outside when we don’t need the classroom.

Explaining and demonstrating how to place ponds, swales, and keylining on to a landscape with the use of a clay model.


Students visiting a Community Farm to survey it for their design projects.


Students tour the hoop house and garden on the farm.


They also spent time observing the surrounding grounds.


Students beginning to build an A-frame to use for contour marking.


Bill demonstrating how to use this very simple tool… the A-frame for very accurate measurements.


Teachers and Students Mixing During Design Exercise


Midwest Permaculture Teachers — Dan Halsey of Southwoods Forest Gardens (L) and Milton Dixon of Chicagoland Permaculture Meetup.


Students in the Midst of Their Final Design Project


Outside Exercise on Systems Thinking


Building and demonstration of how to fire up a rocket stove.


Students Gaining Practical Experience — Digging a Swale


Learning to use Landscape Measuring Tools


Bill Wilson – Midwest Permaculture’s Lead Teacher Discussing Hydrological Cycles


Proud Group Following the Digging of a Swale at Dr. Cain’s Residence


4 Days Later a Good Rain Fills the Swale — Dug on Contour, They Hold Water Perfectly

As graduates of a Midwest Permaculture PDC Course, these students will receive continued updates to the Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series, are part of our PDC Grad Networking Community and may take a refresher PDC course anytime they wish for half-price.  Our objective is to continue to support our students for as long as it is of value to them.

Click Here for schedule of our upcoming PDC Courses and other trainings.

3 thoughts on “Picture Summary of UWRF PDC Course”

  1. I am very interested in learning more about permaculture. Is there or will there be something coming up in MN? Or at River Falls, WI again? If so when?

    1. Hello Tammy! Thank you for your interest in permaculture. There will be a course in Prescott, WI in June 2015. Details are not final, but the course should be posted by the end of December. Otherwise we will be at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair next year, which is also in June and also in Wisconsin.

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